What is YouBeatIt.com?

YouBeatIt.com is an entertainment competition. Users submit their favorite videos. We show users a head-to-head competition between two submissions, and the winner of each matchup can earn cash for every winning vote.

You can get paid to post videos and get paid to watch videos. If you know a great video, submit it. The higher your rank the more views you receive. The more views you get, the more you get paid!

How do I get paid to post videos?

YouBeatIt.com pays out 80% of our revenue to users! To get your share follow this simple 5 step process.

  1. Submit a Video
    Submit any video link you find online.

  2. Set your Initial Ranking
    Every video starts out with a 25% percentile ranking. You can earn a higher ranking for free by watching other videos or you can buy an initial ranking as high as 75%.

  3. Rank over 60%
    Only the best (top 40%) of submissions in each category earn cash. You must either buy an initial ranking over 60% OR wait until you win enough matchups to earn a 60% percentile rank.

  4. Earn cash for every winnning vote
    We take 80% of the sales from our web site, and divide the money equally between all eligible winning votes (including 10% to their referring friends). The amount you earn per win will vary from day to day based on a moving average. If your ranking falls below 60% you stop earning on that video until it climbs back above 60%.

  5. Cash Out
    Once you have $5.00 USD or more in your account, simply request the money. We send payments at least once per month via PayPal. Get paid to post videos only at YouBeatIt.com.

How do I get paid to share YouBeatIt.com?

You get a 10% commission on all cash earned by others you refer to YouBeatit.com, as long as they remain active. You get a 10% commission on all earning from those you refer, 1% for 2nd generations referrals, .1% for third generation, .01% for fourth, and so on, for infinite generations.

For example, if you tell 3 facebook friends who each tell 3 facebook friends, who each tell 3 facebook friends. If you and all those people earn $10 each, you would the $10 you earned plus $10 x 10% x 3 = $3 for your three friends, plus $10 x 1% x 9 = $0.90 for their 9 friends, plus $10 x .1% x 27 = $0.27 for their 27 friends. For a total of $10 + $3 + $0.9 + $0.27 = $14.17. That amount keeps growing as long as you and your friends keep sharing great videos.

How does voting work?

You may have noticed that on popular sites like YouTube, even if you sort search results by the highest rank, you still don't actual see the web's best videos. This is because on social media sites, videos are only ranked against the opinion of other surfers, and not against the ranking of other videos.

Our voting system is one-of-a-kind. Every vote on YouBeatIt.com is a head-to-head matchup between two videos. Any video that wins a contest against a higher ranked opponent will move up in the rankings. However, losing a contest has no effect. It's impossible to harm an opponent by voting against them. The result is the most unique Get paid to watch videos competition on the web.

What views are "eligible" to earn cash?

To be eligible for payment a video must rank in the 60% percentile (top 40%) of its category or higher. Also, we have safeguards in place to weed out cheaters, and count only real human votes. We may at our discretion, disqualify any winning vote from a source that we cannot verify as a legitimate human voter.

How do I increase my earnings?

Here are some suggestions to maximize your earnings:

  • Submit only the best -
    Don't waste time submitting videos that aren't great. We'll allow it, but average videos are unlikely to make it into the top 40% and be eligible for payment. If you want views of a video that's unlikely to make it to a high ranking consider Buying guaranteed views.

  • Submit UNIQUE, undiscovered content -
    Submitting videos that are already virally popular may get you an initial burst in ratings, however, people may rate those videos lower if they have already seen it too much. Also, with viral videos, it's common that more than one user tries to submit the same content. If the same video is submitted by multiple users you have extra competition, and an even greater chance of getting negative votes.

  • Avoid Advertisements -
    You can submit any video link, but be aware that some social media sites show more advertisements than others. Avoid submitting a link to a host site that shows an advertisement before EVERY video. Voters will not give you a winning vote if they don't have the patience to sit through a commerical.

  • Avoid copyright infringement -
    YouBeatIt.com links uses directly to third party web sites to view videos. Therefore, we have no way to verify copyright. If the host site removes your submission due to a copyright infringement, all of the time you work to earn a higher ranking on YouBeatIt.com will be wasted. With copyrighted material, make sure to submit only permenant links that are unlikely to be removed.

  • Submit multiple videos -
    The more you submit, the more views your get, and the more cash you'll earn. Also, if you are earning free rank increases by watching other videos, then ALL of your eligible vidoes will receive the increase. If you submit only one video, you get a 1% ranking increase on that video when you vote for someone else's video. If you had 20 eligible videos submitted, you would get a 1% ranking increase on ALL 20 videos for watching that same video.

  • Suggest new contest categories -
    When you submit a video, take the time to suggest the most appropriate category. We typically begin new contests when we have 50-100 videos in a category. If you choose your category appropriately, or suggest a new category on the submission form, you will be one of the initial videos shown when the new contest begins. Instead of competing against thousands of other videos in an existing category, you'll only be competing against the initial 50-100 videos in the new category.

What is a percentile ranking?

Every category has a different number of videos. When you submit a video we'll show you the absolute rank, and also a percentile rank. For example, an absolute rank of "4,000 of 10,000" would mean that in a category with 10,000 videos your video ranks below the top 4,000 and above the bottom 6,000.

The percentile rank for the same video would be 60%, meaning that your video ranked higher than 60% of all the others in the same category. We use this 60% percentile as the minimum qualification to earn cash. Converting the absolute rank into a percentile allows us to compare rankings across different categories that each has a different number of total videos.

What type of video am I allowed to submit?

When you submit a video, you give us a web URL. We open your link in a separate window whenever someone clicks your video. This means that any web page address that is publically accessible will work.

We do however have a few exceptions. Any video that contains nudity, foul language, hate speech, or exccessive violence, or encourages violent or illegal activity will be removed at our discretion, and not eligible for payment. Please keep your submissions family friendly.

How do contest categories work?

Each video is submitted in a single contest category. However, that same video will also be visible and ranked in its parent categories. For example, a video submitted in the "Best Snake Video" contest will also appear in "Best Reptile Videos" and "Best Animal Videos"

Once we have 50-100 videos in a new category we will activate a new contest. For example, it's unlikely we have 100 "Mosquito Videos." Someone who wanted to submit a mosquite video would add it to the most appropriate category: "Animals / Insects" If we did ever find 50-100 videos about mosquitos we would create a new "Animals / Insects / Mosquitos" category.

What is an initial ranking?

YouBeatIt.com links to thousands of videos. Unfortunately, the majority of videos online are not worth watching. Therefore, we show the highest ranking videos more often than the lower ranking videos.

Every video starts out with a 25% percentile initial rank for free. Then based on user votes, the ranking will climb or fall. Even an average video should climb above 25%.

Because there are so many videos submitted, it is unlikely that a video in the 25% percentile will get very many views. If you are willing to invest either time or money into your submission, that proves to us that your video deserves a higher initial ranking.

You can buy a higher initial ranking up to 75%.
You can earn a higher initial ranking for free by voting on other users videos. Click the above links for program details.

What does it mean to "buy" an initial ranking?

Every video start out with a 25% percentile initial rank for free. Increasing your rank from 25% to 60% can be slow. If you have confidence that your video deserves to be ranked in the top 40% where it can earn cash, the fastest way to earn cash is to buy a higher initial ranking.

For a few dollars you can buy a 50% rank, or for a few dollars more a 75% rank. The higher your rank the more views you get, so buying a higher rank will immediately increase the number of people that watch your video. Also, it puts your ranking much closer to the 60% percentile minimum requirement for earnings.

A 50% rank will place your video half way to the top, but not yet earning. A 75% rank will place you above the 60% threshold and eligible for immediate payment on every winning vote.

Regardless of your payment, or initial rank, your video will not climb higher than 75% unless you win matchups against other videos ranked above 75%. Also, regardless of your starting rank or payments, earnings will stop if your rank falls below the 60% minimum.

How do you "earn" a higher ranking for free?

Every time you vote for another person's video we will increase the ranking of your videos by 1% percentile. Every video submitted in your account that has fewer than 5 views will receive the increase. Once a video has more than 5 votes, the ranking order will be determined solely by user votes.

Increases will not appear immediately, but will be averaged in over several hours. Since other videos are also being voted higher, your individual increase will only be a full 1% absolute change in the unlikely event that no other videos were voted ahead of yours. In practical terms this means that a video will not be able to advance for free past the ranking where users votes prevent it from climbing further.

The only way to increase a ranking past calculated rank based on user votes is to Buy a high initial ranking.

Can I advertise (buy guaranteed views) on YouBeatIt.com?

Yes. Approximately 10% of all links that we show on YouBeatIt.com are paid advertisments.

On YouBeatIt.com you never create an ad. We direct users directly to your web site or video when they click your title link. In this respect we sell CPC (Cost per Click) advertising. Because the user only sees your advertisement when they click your link, no user is forced to view unwanted ads. Also, the advertiser maintains complete of the targeting of the link text, and therefore only pays for the desired result.

To buy guaranteed views of any video or web page Click here for advertising information